Package Win32::GUI::Animation

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new Win32::GUI::Animation(PARENT, %OPTIONS)

Creates a new Animation object; can also be called as PARENT->AddAnimation(%OPTIONS). Class specific %OPTIONS are:

  -autoplay    => 0/1 (default 0)
    starts playing the animation as soon as an AVI clip is loaded
  -center      => 0/1 (default 0)
    centers the animation in the control window
  -transparent => 0/1 (default 0)
    draws the animation using a transparent background



Closes the Open()ed AVI file.


Opens the specified AVI file in the Animation control; note that the AVI file must not contain sound data.

Play([FROM], [TO], [REPEAT])

Plays the animation (eventually from the FROM frame to the TO frame) looping it REPEAT times. Defaults are FROM 0 (the first frame) to -1 (the last frame) and REPEAT -1 (loop forever)


Positions the AVI file to the specified FRAME.


Stops the animation currently playing.