Package Win32::GUI::Label

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new Win32::GUI::Label(PARENT, %OPTIONS)

Creates a new Label object; can also be called as PARENT->AddLabel(%OPTIONS). Class specific %OPTIONS are:

   -align    => left/center/right (default left)
   -bitmap   => 0/1 (default 0)
       the control displays a bitmap, not a text.
   -fill     => black/gray/white/none (default none)
       fills the control rectangle ("black", "gray" and "white" are
       the window frame color, the desktop color and the window
       background color respectively).
   -frame    => black/gray/white/etched/none (default none)
       draws a border around the control. colors are the same
       of -fill, with the addition of "etched" (a raised border).
   -noprefix => 0/1 (default 0)
       disables the interpretation of "&" as accelerator prefix.
   -notify   => 0/1 (default 0)
       enables the Click(), DblClick, etc. events.
   -sunken   => 0/1 (default 0)
       draws a half-sunken border around the control.
   -truncate => 0/1/word/path (default 0)
       specifies how the text is to be truncated:
           0 the text is not truncated
           1 the text is truncated at the end
        path the text is truncated before the last "\"
             (used to shorten paths).
   -wrap     => 0/1 (default 1)
       the text wraps automatically to a new line.



Draws the specified BITMAP, a Win32::GUI::Bitmap object, in the Label (must have been created with -bitmap => 1 option).