Package Win32::GUI::ProgressBar

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new Win32::GUI::ProgressBar(PARENT, %OPTIONS)

Creates a new ProgressBar object; can also be called as PARENT->AddProgressBar(%OPTIONS). Class specific %OPTIONS are:

    -smooth   => 0/1 (default 0)
        uses a smooth bar instead of the default segmented bar.
    -vertical => 0/1 (default 0)
        display progress status vertically (from bottom to top).



Sets the position of the ProgressBar to the specified VALUE.

SetRange([MIN], MAX)

Sets the range of values (from MIN to MAX) for the ProgressBar; if MIN is not specified, it defaults to 0.


Sets the increment value for the ProgressBar; see StepIt().


Increments the position of the ProgressBar of the defined step value; see SetStep().