dada's perl lab

welcome to my lab!

I'm a developer at heart, working mostly in Perl, but also more or less fluent in C/C++, C#, Java, Visual Basic and some x86 Assembler. in the days of my youth, I used to code in Pascal and LISP, which I guess officially qualifies me as an old fart. you can read about my real life work experience on LinkedIn. on this site I collect my Open Source software and hobbyist activities.

I wrote quite a few Perl modules, most notably Win32 specific ones several years ago. I've been quite active in the Perl community, co-founding and helping organize one YAPC::Europe conference. I also co-authored the book Professional Perl Programming for Wrox back in 2001.

I write different kind of software from time to time, funnily enough mostly music related. so far I've written software for:

more recently, I'm enjoying physical computing (that's what playing with Arduino is called, I've been told) and building hardware stuff, which you can read about in the DIY section.

finally, the Misc section contains even more old and/or weird stuff I've done.

if you enjoy using my code or would like to support what I do, I wouldn't mind getting a little present. thank you!