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from 2001 to 2003 I used to run the (now OBSOLETED, abandoned, unsupported and unmantained) Great Win32 Computer Language Shootout. it was basically a Win32 port of the original work by Doug Bagley with some added languages. my interest was mainly in comparing simple programs written in different languages, with benchmarking (measuring execution time and memory usage) as a secondary and funny activity. the idea has nowadays been reimplemented in the Computer Language Benchmark Game, but with less focus in comparing languages and with completely different benchmark programs.

by popular request, I've set up a page on cooking Biscotti, the Italian dunking cookies. given the regional specificity of the topic, the page is currently only available in Italian.

I love webcomics, so mostly for my own reference, this is a list of my favorite ones (WARNING: most of them are offensive, inappropriate, not funny, or a combination of the above):

Abstruse Goose, Adventuresome, Amazing Superpowers, Antics, A Softer World, Balderduck, Bug Martini, Buni, Buttersafe, Chain Bear chainsawsuit, Channelate, Completely Serious Comics, Cyanide & Happiness, Dakota McFadzean, Deathbulge, Dinosaur Comics, Eat That Toast!, Extra Fabulous Comics, feel afraid, For Lack of a Better Comic, Gunshow, Hark, a vagrant, Hilarity Comics, Hipster Hitler, HUGE Cartoons, Invisible Bread, Jim Benton Comics, Lead Paint Comics, Left-Handed Toons, Life Loosely Based, Loading Artist, Married To The Sea, Maximumble, MercWorks, Mister Hayden, Nedroid, Nineteen Letters Long, Optipess, Owl Turd, Pandyland, Poorly Drawn Lines, Red Meat, Romantically Apocalyptic, Safely Endangered, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, shitfest, Something Of That Ilk, Space Avalanche, Superglitch, The Perry Bible Fellowship, The Sorrowful Putto of Prague, Three Word Phrase, Time Trabble, Toothpaste For Dinner, Uptown Ghost, VectorBelly, Warbot in Accounting, White Ninja, Wondermark, Wumo, XKCD.