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(Ranks in Red in the table below are those which fall below the average Rank for this language over all tests.
The corresponding programs could possibly benefit from further optimization.)
Test Source Code Avg Rank: 0 Avg Rank: 0 Avg Rank: 0 Log
CPU Rank Mem Rank LOC Rank
Ackermann's Function ackermann.rebol F (F) * F (F) * 12 22 log
Fibonacci Numbers fibo.rebol F (F) * F (F) * 7 8 log
Hash (Associative Array) Access hash.rebol F (F) * F (F) * 30 37 log
Hashes, Part II hash2.rebol F (F) * F (F) * 44 38 log
Heapsort heapsort.rebol F (F) * F (F) * 66 37 log
List Operations lists.rebol F (F) * F (F) * 46 19 log
Sieve of Erathostenes sieve.rebol F (F) * F (F) * 23 25 log
*Test Implemented but not measured (timeout or error).
Tests Not Implemented For This Language:
Spell Checker, Reverse a File, Word Frequency Count, Object Instantiation, Statistical Moments, Echo Client/Server, Array Access, Producer/Consumer Threads, String Concatenation, Random Number Generator, Sum a Column of Integers, Count Lines/Words/Chars, Hello World, Matrix Multiplication, Method Calls, Exception Mechanisms, Nested Loops, Regular Expression Matching

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