"I see dead oscillators"

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this is really a quickie, just throwing out ideas and experiments. it's far from a killer synth, but somewhat funny. it is mostly versed for bass stabs and sorta percussive patches. and various flavour of just weird noises.

the concept is very simple: you have 1 MASTER osc that goes through a hard clipper. clip limits come from UPPER and LOWER oscillators.

this way you have a single wave which is shaped (modulated in amplitude) by the two "ghost" waves. you don't hear them directly, but they are there.

to add some twist, you can sync the master oscillator to one or both of the ghosts. yes, both!

the rest is pretty basic, filter is a classic moog 4pole lowpass, lfo actually only modulate pulse width (thus only affects square waves), reverb adds some spice. CPU friendly.