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dedicated to all synthesizers and electronic music lovers!

this game for Android is modeled after the various logo/movies/cars/whatever quiz that are so abundant in the Play Store. if you ever played one of those, you should be familiar. if you didn't, the super-short explanation is: try to guess the maker and the model of the synth you see in the picture.

all kind of synths, from vintage to modern, are covered. more levels are in the work already.

the game tries to be historically accurate without being overly pedantic. wherever synth names are composed of number and letters, you can put a space, an hyphen or nothing in between (example: "dx7", "dx 7", "dx-7" are all ok). also maker names can normally be written both in short and full form (example: "Moog" is ok, so is "Moog Music", or "Moog Music Inc" or "Moog Inc." etc.).

if the regular guessing is not enough for you, there is even a trivia minigame where you get 10 random questions about production dates, polyphony, analog vs. digital.

synth data (names, production dates, etc.) come mostly from Vintage Synth Explorer. where not available, I integrated with data from Wikipedia or my own googling.


screenshot screenshot screenshot


all synthesizers and instruments are trademark of the respective owners.

I used images downloaded from the net, trying to avoid watermarked images or sources that clearly stated copyrighted materials. nonetheless, it is possible that I used some images without the necessary permission. if you have issue with some image, please get in contact with me and you can have it removed.


source code is available at https://github.com/dada/SynthQuiz. note that for obvious reasons, the actual content (synth database and images) is not included. that would spoil all the fun, wouldn't it? :-)


the knob on the level selector is LittlePhatty, by Sasha Radojevic. rendered using KnobMan by g200kg.

other software used:

a special thank you to Vintage Synth Explorer for the terrific synth resource collection work, and to Stack Overflow for having answers to pretty much any programming question :-)