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YAPCoid is a simple Android application to display YAPC (Yet Another Perl Conference), OSDC (Open Source Developers Conference) and Perl Workshop events.

at the moment only the list of future/past conferences is displayed with some details. basically, the program is just a fancy frontend to the YAML database of conferences from the yapceurope.org site.

you can filter the list searching for text, conference type and/or continent.

planned for the future are the following features:

code will be open sourced, probably on github.

YAPCoid is in beta stage. Feedback, suggestions and bug reports are more than welcome.


list of conferences details of a conference search screen
screenshot screenshot screenshot


I'm not affiliated with YEF, The Perl Foundation or any other Perl institution (except the Perl.it Association, of which I'm a proud member, but does not officially endorse this program).

YAPCoid is provided "as is", no warranty, no support, your own risk etc. etc.



snakeyaml 1.8 is used for reading the YAML database (android-compatible jar kindly provided by maslovalex).

flag images taken from Flagpedia.net.